NFUinquiry plea

20 July 2001

FWstands up for home lamb

AS the glut of lamb threatens to swamp the UK market, FW is joining the campaign to promote home consumption.

Our Lamb Ban Beater campaign aims to replace lost export markets with increased domestic sales. Weve teamed up with Farmers First, the successful producer-run meat initiative, to procure, process and supply box-chilled lamb for home delivery.

&#8226 Watch out next week for more details of how you can help soak up the looming surplus of British lamb by joining our Lamb Ban Beater campaign. &#42

NFUinquiry plea

THE NFU has joined the call for a full and public inquiry into foot-and-mouth disease.

NFU director general Richard McDonald told the NFU Council in London on Wednesday that the union is in every way calling for a full and public inquiry.

He later told FARMERS WEEKLY: "We want a full inquiry in the non-legal sense. But if we have to wait four years for the outcome of an inquiry it would be a disaster."

Support for our campaign say Yes to a public inquiry has flooded into farmers weeklys office.

If you would like to join the growing clamour in the countryside for a full public inquiry into the causes, handling and lessons of Britains worst foot-and-mouth outbreak, please sign the form on this page. &#42

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