25 April 2000


WHAT is going on here?

The dairy farming industry in the UK on the point of terminal collapse due in the main to becoming fragmented as sellers (although the price of inputs needs urgently adressing through the formation of some large farmers buying groups).

Now we have the crazy situation that rather than throwing in together, NMR and HUKI are wasting our money competing with each other.

Before anyone starts to point any fingers, surely both organisations should urgently sit down and sort this out. The industry is divided enough as it is without more of our precious resources being wasted.

We already have a farmer-owned milk-recording organisation, and we dont need two.

We already have breed societies giving pedigree information and we do not need any more … no, we cannot afford
any more duplication.

When will they come to their senses???

Please get in contact if I can be of any help at all and well see if we cant make a difference!

Matthew Gunningham, Kewstoke, Somerset

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