No central record of SBM transport

11 July 1997

No central record of SBM transport

NO CENTRAL record is kept of local authority checks on lorries carrying specified bovine material, junior farm minister Jeff Rooker has told MPs.

Responding to a written question Mr Rooker, said enforcement of the rules, requiring lorries carrying SBM to be thoroughly washed and disinfected before carrying any other food or animal feed, was the responsibility of local authorities.

"No central record is kept of the number of local authority inspectors that examine vehicles transporting SBM, or how many inspections they have made since Aug 1, 1996, or how many vehicles failed local authority inspections and this information could only be obtained at disproportionate costs," said Mr Rooker.

Concerns over the transport of livestock feed in lorries used to transport meat and bonemeal were raised recently. Allegations that the grain was delivered to a feed compounder in trucks used to transport MBM without being washed and disinfected were dismissed by the companies involved (News, June 6).

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