No cure likely for E Coli sickness

07 April 1998

No cure likely for E Coli sickness

SCIENTISTS are unlikely to find a cure for the fatal bug E Coli 0157, which claimed the lives of 20 people in Scotland early last year, a think tank on the illness was told.

Leading scientists from around the world met at the Rowett Research Institute, in Aberdeen, Scotland, for an E Coli conference yesterday. They were told that by the time a solution for E Coli 0157 was found, different bugs equally as deadly would have evolved.

Professor Philip James, director of the institute, said basic improvements to animal husbandry, slaughterhouse practices and food hygiene would have to be developed to counter the risks posed by E Coli and other contaminants.

Prof James warned that another lethal organism would probably come along in five or 10 years time, after scientists had come to terms with E Coli.

Professor Hugh Pennington, who led the inquiry into last years Scottish outbreak agreed, saying E Coli might never be beaten.

  • The Scotsman 07/04/98 page 9

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