Nothing on cards in Sainsbury area

4 July 1997

Nothing on cards in Sainsbury area

THE 9000 farmers in Sainsburys Partnership in Livestock groups are not about to be issued with a strict new rules on welfare and production methods.

Beef and lamb producers must continue to be farm assured, and all fresh meat suppliers will be monitored by the companys ADAS monitored assurance system. But further tightening of welfare rules will be gradual, and customers will be given the option of products from both extensive and intensive systems.

He hoped that customers who demanded ever tougher control over production methods would be prepared to reward farmers for responding.

"Change is necessary, customers want the highest possible welfare standards, but it cannot happen overnight," said Ian Merton, Sainsburys director of produce.

"There are economic implications for producers so there can be no quick fix. We are working with the Royal Veterinary College, Bristol University, and others on improving animal husbandry, but consultation with producers will preceded new specifications."

Mr Merton was launching the companys Living Landscape initiative designed to encourage whole farm conservation and bio diversity in parallel with integrated crop husbandry and the humane production of high quality meat.

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