Nozzle delivers spray quality at any speed

26 November 1999

Nozzle delivers spray quality at any speed

ONE nozzle which can be used at all sprayer speeds to deliver a constant spray quality and quantity may sound too good to be true. But that is exactly what Australian sprayer specialist Harry Combellack presented to delegates at last weeks Brighton Conference.

"Operators can vary their forward speed four-fold without changing drop size," he says. That is made possible by the Air Recruitment Atomising Nozzle design, which combines air and spray in the nozzle to produce a constant droplet size over a wide range of flow rates.

"Current twin fluid nozzles cant get past 1 litre/min flow-rates, but this will do 2 litres/minute and we could make it so we could do 3 litres/min," he claims.

Air requirement is at least 50% less than other twin-fluid designs. A Venturi insert is thought to play a crucial role. A high level of air entrainment in the droplets has also been noted, but that could change with formulation, he warns.

"The design is ready to go, it is just a case of finding someone to use it in their machines. We hope it will be on the market next year," Mr Combellack concludes. &#42

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