NT insists farmers grow green

10 November 1999

NT insists farmers grow green

THE National Trust, which owns Britains largest agricultural estate, is to insist that farmers taking on new tenancies follow “sustainable” methods and seek permission before growing genetically modified (GM) crops.

The trust will also urge existing tenants to carry out environmental improvements in return for a range of initiatives aimed at broadening the base of farmers incomes.

The trust owns 247, 878ha (612,500 acres), with more than 148,524ha (367,000 acres) rented to 700 tenant farmers.

The new environmentally-sensitive policies are set out in a document entitled Agriculture — 2000 and Beyond, which mentions biodiversity, scenic beauty, historic features as well as “wholesome marketable food” as its objectives.

The trust also says it wants to encourage more organic farming.

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