on the final…

25 July 1997

Setting their sights

on the final…

This years Tractor Driver of the Year final takes place on Aug 12 at Silsoe. In the first of this two-part series, Geoff Ashcroft talks to three of the five finalists

AS the oldest finalist, Stanley House hopes he has the cool head, wealth of experience and attention to detail to make it through this years final.

As tractor driver for LH Small & Sons East Farm, near Somerton in Somerset, Mr House is familiar with most items of machinery. He spends long days with his trusty 100hp companion, a Ford 7840 SLE, carrying out ploughing, drilling and spraying.

But, will his years of experience clinch the coveted title?

Its not the first time hes entered. This will be his fourth and he gave in to persistent pressure from his employers son and his wife. "Previous occasions have been more for a bit of fun for me as Ive only ever got as far as the Royal show stages," he says. "Its always been a good day out though."

Building on his past experiences, Mr House is preparing to "have a go" and give it his best. "Ive already been in touch with the organisers to find out what kit well be using and Ill be using the remaining few weeks to get in a bit of extra practise," he says.

"I hear its quite tough towards the end."

Stanley House with his trusty Ford 7840 SLE, with which he ploughs, drills and sprays on LH Small & Sons East Farm in Somerset.

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