Organic farming is nonsense, says Walston

14 April 1999

Organic farming is nonsense, says Walston

by FWi staff

The idea that most farmers want to convert to organic systems is a complete nonsense, according to controversial fat-cat farmer and broadcaster Oliver Walston.

Mr Walston was responding to claims by the Soil Association that the governments new Organic Farming Scheme is under-funded.

“Ordinary farming makes more sense, more money and its a lot less work to do things with chemicals,” he writes in a column in todays London Evening Standard.

Mr Walston says he has no objection to people turning organic but he admits to “being annoyed when its made out to be morally superior in some way”.

He adds: “No one has established any scientific basis for organic food being better for you and the idea that it makes any difference to flavour is a complete joke

“The whole basis on which organic food is advanced is fear, and fear is a powerful marketing tool,” Mr Walston writes.

“It also makes for great headlines,” he concludes.

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