OSR below average in North Bedfordshire

2 August 2001

OSR below average in North Bedfordshire

CLINTON DUNMORE, who farms at Souldrop in North Bedfordshire, has had below average OSR yields.

Yield of 62ha (153acre) was 3t/ha (1.25t/acre). “We would hope for 3.7t/ha (1.5t/acre).” The farm has heavy soil. “The crop tended to do better on higher ground, which is better draining. Its better than we expected.”

There is also 263ha (650acres) of wheat which will be started in the next two days. The first variety is Malacca followed by Hereward.

“It is hard to predict the quality of milling wheat, but we should have a better idea of quality of the whole crop once weve tested the first crop. This is a second wheat and if the quality is high it should then go well for the first wheat crops.”

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