OSR doing well across region

31 July 2001

OSR doing well across region

THE winter oilseed rape harvest is about 50% completed, according to Jonathon Gibbs of United Oilseeds. Across the region yields are variable although generally high.

“There is a brighter pitch, yields are not too bad.”

Wiltshire, Somerset and Devon areas are doing well, but Dorset seems to be the worse-hit region. Average yields are between 3-3.7t/ha, with better areas achieving 4t/ha (1.7t/acre), while the poorer areas 2.5t/ha (1t/acre). The moisture is averaging 8%.

“The crops which looked good in the field are not tending to do as well as expected. But considering the wet weather the crops have compensated well.”

Apex has been doing well and also Aligator (a United Oilseeds variety). He says farmers with reasonable yields are feeling happy, knowing there are good market prices.

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