Papers report on new fears over CJD

2 August 2000

Papers report on new fears over CJD

THE theoretical risk that the human version of the disease can be passed on by dentists using dirty equipment is a major story in Britains papers.

The Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee studied whether there was any risk of variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob (vCJD) disease through dental surgery.

In its findings, released on Tuesday (1 August), it concluded there were no current grounds for recommending changes to procedures involving dentistry.

But it reiterated the need for thorough cleaning and sterilisation practices to be observed in respect of used instruments.

The Daily Express says dentists have been warned to be extra vigilant in a new scare over the deadly human form of mad cow disease.

The Daily Telegraph observes: The committee has previously issued warnings about the need to sterilise surgical instruments but this is the first time that they have issued a warning to dentists.

According to the Daily Mail, there has been growing concern over the potential threat of vCJD being passed between patients via surgical equipment.

The Guardian says that a report later this year will look at whether there is a need for expensive changes to procedures in a bid to limit the risk.

The Independent says the committee examined the risk from dentistry after a risk was found in surgery involving internal organs, eyes and tonsils.

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