Parkinsons link to organic pesticide

6 November 2000

Parkinson’s link to organic pesticide

By FWi staff

AN ORGANIC pesticide has been linked to Parkinsons Disease in new research, reports The Independent.

This backs up earlier findings that people with long-term exposure to pesticides, such as farmers, are more likely to develop the disorder.

Researchers at Emory University in Georgia, USA discovered that rats exposed to doses of Rotenone over a period of weeks developed symptoms of the disease.

Their findings are published on Monday (06 November) in the journal Nature Neuroscience.

Earlier this year a team at Stanford University in California found that people frequently exposed to pesticides were twice as likely to develop Parkinsons.

Rotenone is a naturally occurring pesticide used by organic farmers to kill insects.

The Soil Association, which oversees and certifies organic farming, said Rotenone was used as a last resort and applications were “very rare”.

A spokesman said if it was found to be harmful then it could be withdrawn.

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