Peas get multi-action seed dressing

12 June 2001

Peas get multi-action seed dressing

By Tom Allen-Stevens

A MULTI-ACTION seed dressing for peas launched on Tuesday (12 June) promises to give growers more reliable plant emergence.

Wakil XL from Syngenta, available next spring, uses three different active ingredients to stave off disease during germination.

Metalaxyl-M provides systemic activity against downy mildew and damping off, said field vegetable products manager Bruce McKenzie.

Penetrative fludioxonil protects against ascochyta, while translaminar mildew control is given by cymoxanil.

One of the advantages of the complex is that its inherent synergies mean less active ingredient is necessary, said Mr Mckenzie.

“This reduced level of active ingredient will make the new seed dressing particularly attractive to the food industry,” he said.

Downy mildew remains one of the main causes of pea seedling death, said Syngenta technical manager Michael Tait.

The disease can result in up to 50% plant loss, although it is minimised by plant rotation, he added.

He believes Wakil XL will take over from Apron Elite (carbendazim + cymoxanil + oxadixyl + thiram) as the industry standard seed dressing.

Nearly all vining pea crops are drilled with dressed seed, while a dressing can be a considerable benefit for combining peas in certain conditions, said Mr Tait.


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