Photos: Farmers capture wintry farm scenes

With winter upon us, farmers have been posting pictures on social media of how they are coping with the wintry conditions.

Snow fell over high ground on farms in Cumbria on Monday (8 December). Gusts of up to 80mph were recorded in the North and in Scotland on Wednesday (10 December).

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for snow and sleet in the northern counties, including Scotland for Friday (12 December). 

Widespread power cuts and disruption to roads and public transport services is expected.

Yorkshire shepherdess Amanda Owen (@AmandaOwen8) snapped this picture while moving sheep to a safer area on the Moors on Monday (8 December) after the weather turned wintry at Ravenseat Farm, Keld, north Yorkshire.

Sheep in snow

Ms Owen also tweeted this picture while working on the Moors at Ravenseat Farm with the caption: “It’s a gradual thing getting the yows back to the moor tops.”

Sheep in snow

Herdwick Shepherd (@herdyshepherd1) tweeted this picture of Herdwick sheep huddled together on land half white with a dusting of snow in the Lake District

Herdwick sheep in snow

Shepherdess Alison O’Neill (@woolismybread) tweeted this atmospheric picture of her sheepdog with a spectacular wintry background on her hill farm at Howgill Fells, in Cumbria.

Sheepdog on snowy path

 Hill Top Farm (@hilltopfarmgirl) tweeted this picture of Blue-faced Leicesters on a beautiful, frosty morning.


With the onset of winter, Essex grower Ed Ford (@Ed_Farmer_Ford) decided it was time to get the snow plough out ready to help Essex Gritters and Essex County Council in the event of any snowfall.

Working with tractor early morning


Heather Wildman posted this picture on her Twitter account (@wildmanheather) of her snowy farmyard at Overcairn Farm, in New Cumnock, Ayrshire.

A snowy farm yard 

“HeHisSelf” (@hehisself), a farmer with cattle, sheep, pigs and arable, tweeted this picture after snow fell overnight Wednesday (10 December) on his farm in the Grampians.

A dark snowy field

Niall C Blair ‏@ParkheadCottage  2-3 inches of snow, and says ‘it ‘makes life more interesting but not abnormal for up here!’

snowy view from tractor

Wave experts Magic Seaweed published this map showing the swell in the sea around the UK after winds of up to 80mph battered the British Isles.

Weather map of UK

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