Photos: See Somerset farmer’s flood struggle

The water continues to rise on the Somerset Levels, which have been enguled by the worst floods in living memory. Farmers Weekly chief reporter Johann Tasker travelled more than a mile by boat with local beef producer James Winslade to visit his family’s farm.

James Winslade in a boat

Farmer James Winslade prepares to board a boat at Burrowbridge to so he can reach his family farm more than a mile away.

Flooded road signs

Road signs are now the only evidence there is a road below the floodwater.

Rescuing the farm accounts

James Winslade rescues the farm accounts and other vital paperwork.

James Winslade drive boats

James Winslade makes the journey by boat down the farm drive from his parents’ house.

James Winslade sets off

Setting off on the return journey to Burrowbridge from Newhouse Farm.

Knee deep in water

Some 550 cattle were evacuated from the farm. Now the farm’s sheds are full of water.

Cattle evacuation

James Winslade walks across his flooded farmyard.

Machinery shed

The farm workshop and machinery shed is knee deep in water.

Abandoned cattle

All livestock have long gone from the farm, which now lies abandoned.

Boat reach

The only way to reach West Yeo Farm and Newhouse Farm is by boat.

Getting about by boat

Getting around involves travelling by boat over fields, hedges and fences.

Speed limit sign

The only evidence this was once a road are the speed limit signs in the distance.

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