Pictures: Cumbria floods caught on camera

Farmers Weekly has been sent a selection of pictures showing the extent of the flooding in Cumbria in recent days.

You can view the full gallery of pictures in our photo sharing area of the website. If you have pictures of your own please add them to the gallery using the ‘add picture’ link that will be visble when you are signed into FWiSpace.

Alternatively, you can email them to us along with a short description of when it was taken and what the pictures shows.

Here are some examples of pictures which have already been added to the gallery. They were taken on the edge of Lake Windemere on Friday (20 November).

The house from which they were taken normally has half an acre of lawn in front of it before the lake starts.

Flooding in Cumbria

Flooding in Cumbria 2

Flooding in Cumbria 3

Cumbria floods 4

To view the full gallery of pictures.

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