Pig prices move ahead

By Peter Crichton

ON the price front, the GB AESA moved ahead by almost 0.5p to stand at 104.82p/kg deadweight.

However, spot quotes for bacon pigs are expected to ease back due to the Malton news as more pigs are put on the open market.

Live auction prices for baconers have already dropped by 4-6p/kg to about 76p/kg, equivalent to just 1/kg deadweight.

Weaner quotes continue to rise with the FARMERS WEEKLY 30kg ex farm average marked up at 36.86 per head and 7kg weaners are now being traded in the 22-25 range.

With the Euro improving in value, cull sow prices have also risen with deadweight quotes this week between 74-78p which equates to almost 50p/kg liveweight or 100 for the average sow.

Many cull sow sellers have expressed concern over the 5 December announcement that the Norfolk-based pig abattoir and cull sow exporters E E Pilgrim & Son have become a wholly owned subsidiary of Cheale Meats of Brentwood.

Cheale Meats is the largest cull sow exporter in the UK and Pilgrims was believed to be the second largest.

That leaves Dawkins Meats in Derbyshire as the remaining major export oriented sow buyer in the country and a market with only two main buyers for over 300,000 sows and boars per annum.

It is likely that there will be further abattoir mergers and closures in the months ahead as the size of the UK pig herd continues to shrink.

  • Peter Crichton is a Suffolk-based pig farmer offering independent valuation and consultancy services to the UK pig industry


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