Pigs win 200,000 lottery grant for luxury homes

27 March 1998

Pigs win £200,000 lottery grant for luxury homes

WHIRLOW Hall Farm Trust, Sheffield, has won a £200,000 lottery grant to house 24 pigs in six luxury pens featuring underfloor heating and ventilation.

They will be treated to special shower units which they can operate with their snouts. New technology will control plastic curtains which open and close automatically to regulate air flow and ventilation, and they will even have a box of toys, flavoured food and piggy treats.

The idea is to provide the last word in animal welfare, according to farm warden Ian Longden. About 200,000 children visit the farm each year. But the bad news is the pigs are still destined for the slaughterhouse.

  • The Times 27/03/98 page 8

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