Piscean puts her horoscope to the test

15 June 2001

Piscean puts her horoscope to the test

Im not a believer in

horoscopes and the article Garden Star Quality (Farmlife May 11) confirmed my suspicions. I knew,

however that my husband and I were both Pisceans, so I read on….

"A real fan of music and art," it said of Pisceans. Does that include country and western, I wondered? He even covered his ears when we went to a concert given by an RAF band and they played Riverdance, complete with smoke effects! He does play a ukuléle at a Bible club we run, much to the amusement of the children who attend, especially as he has hands resembling shovels…

As for art, its lost on us. We went to the Louvre in Paris, just to see the glass triangular foyer! Another time, we were taken to see an exhibition of contemporary art by some friends who knew the artist. After making remarks such as "yes, I can see its the sea because of the colours" or "its more effective viewed from a distance," we felt

we had sounded knowledgeable.

I read on…

"In gardens belonging to people in this sign you will almost certainly hear the tinkling sound of a pretty water feature."

I looked out of my window. Yes I did have a water feature. Yes, I could hear a tinkling sound of water. Yes I suppose it was made by something pretty. Dilly the duck was sitting in her washing up bowl preening herself watched admiringly by her now, rather large, ducklings. She hatched them at the beginning of the foot-and-mouth crisis and they have been a source of delight to everyone who has seen them. As I watched, I noticed another pretty

feature adding to the

tinkling sound of water – Madge the orphan lamb.

I dont think thats quite what was meant in the BBCs Lunar Gardening Guide, do you?

Eileen Sullivan

2, Horseshore Lane, Ibthorpe, Andover, Hants

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