Planning can beat rat pack

5 November 1999

Planning can beat rat pack

RAT control demands a systematic approach which goes beyond simple good housekeeping if grain storage areas are to comply with quality assurance schemes, advises bait maker Sorex.

Blocking existing or likely rodent entrance points, tidying inside and outside buildings and removing cover, including vegetation, is important, says Sorex rodenticide specialist Martina Flynn.

But without baiting, farmers are unlikely to win the war on rodents. Bait stations need siting well and checking regularly, daily at first then every three to four days. If bait is eaten be sure to replenish and only stop when feeding ceases altogether, she advises.

Once control is achieved establish barrier bait stations on all rat approach routes to maintain protection. Semi-permanent barrier baits should be sited along hedges, fences and ditches. &#42

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