Plenty of room to cut costs

7 February 1997

Plenty of room to cut costs

EVEN when the ration specification is correct it may be possible to cut feed costs.

"Look for cost-effective energy sources," says ADASs Tim Davies. "It could be worth changing the ration, as prices have altered since diets were designed."

Consider incorporating wheat, stock feed potatoes and whole cotton, for these are currently good value, he suggests.

As for mid-lactation cows, Stuart Jones reckons feed costs may be cut by encouraging higher forage intakes and decreasing concentrates.

"Also check you have enough fodder to last the winter through to mid-April," says Mr Jones. "When supplies are tight it is better to start easing it out now than a month before turnout."

Monitor performance carefully when changing diet ingredients. When from one silage to another different supplementation may be needed to balance the diet.n

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