Poll: Have you been a victim of road rage this harvest?

The summer is a time when many people visit the countryside for a holiday, but many drivers are not accustomed to farm machinery or slow-moving vehicles on rural roads.

This harvest has already seen a number of serious and sometimes fatal accidents involving tractors on our roads.

The Highway Code asks slow-moving vehicles to pull in to allow traffic to pass when safe to do so. But police say many accidents involving tractors are caused by impatient drivers either taking unnecessary risks or driving too fast on country roads.

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Cases of road rage and aggressive driving are likely to spike over harvest with the combination of congested roads and excessive heat a contributory factor.

Many farmers have now fitted dash cams to their tractors to capture footage of reckless driving, which can be used as evidence in the event of an accident.

Police are urging drivers to be patient and drive carefully near farm vehicles on rural roads. If you are involved in a road rage accident and you are in fear for your safety call 999.

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