Poll: Was farmer right to spray slurry on parked car?

A frustrated farmer covered a car in slurry after it was parked in his field without permission.

Footage of the farmer spraying the black Mercedes with slurry was posted on Facebook over the weekend and it has gone viral.

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Dont park on a farners field when you fancy a jolly

Remember guys If there’s no parking near the beach …. do not park in a farmers field ….. Good on the farmers !!!!!!! Buy this man a drink??EDIT??. As we are tractor remap tuning specialists I would like to reward this hero with a free complimentary remap on his tractor for his epic stunt ! Please help me locate him

Posted by Ozmo Motorsport Remap Tuning Specialists on Friday, May 22, 2020


The 52-second clip video, which was filmed in Cornwall, shows the tractor driver pointing to the car from his cab and a voice is heard saying: “The beach is nice and busy today – everyone social distancing, I suppose.

“That busy, they’ve decided to park in the field.”

A young boy, believed to be the farmer’s son, is then heard asking what he is going to do now. The farmer replies: “I’ve nearly finished mate, I’m not stopping.”

As he drives up to the side of the vehicle and begins spraying it with slurry, he says: “I hope you have as much fun washing your car as I am going to have painting it for you.”

The video has been posted on the Ozmo Motorsport Remap Tuning Specialists Facebook page, where it has been viewed nearly 500,000 times.

Mixed response

It has received a mixed reaction, with some people coming out in support of the farmer’s actions.
One person wrote: “Best parking ticket I’ve ever seen. Hope all the windows were closed properly, as that car’s going to hum for weeks, which will no doubt irritate the neighbours.”

But others have branded the farmer irresponsible.

Farmers Weekly would like to point out that it is illegal for anyone under the age of 13 to drive or ride on a combine or tractor, even if it is fitted with a passenger seat.

Was farmer right to spray slurry on parked car?


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