Poll: Will Brexit make your farm better or worse off?

It is almost a year until the UK officially leaves the EU and many questions remain unanswered about how agriculture will be affected.

Defra secretary Michael Gove has pledged to keep the £3bn of annual farm support at the same level until 2022. But rewarding farmers for taking care of the environment and capping payments for larger farmers is the direction of travel.

A Defra consultation is under way on the impact of Brexit on farming and the environment – and farmers are being urged to have their say.

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There is still great uncertainty regarding the future of British agriculture outside of the EU. What will happen to trade, labour, subsidies and red tape?

However, as an industry, the message is clear that change is coming and farmers are being advised to prepare now.

With everything that you have heard so far, how do you feel your farm business will be affected by Brexit?

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