Poor barley yields in far North

8 August 2001

Poor barley yields in far North

IAN JACKSON, who farms at Bowsden, five miles from the Scottish border in Northumberland, has combined 90ha (220 acres) of winter barley and yields are down from average.

Yields range from 6.2-8.6t/ha (2.5-3.5t/acre). Feed barley Muscat has done well. Siberia yielded 7.2t/ha (2.9t/acre).

“It was drilled in appalling conditions, and it has not performed.” He says Angela performed the poorest.

Pearl malting barley yielded poorly at 6.8t/ha (2.75t/acre) but quality was good with nitrogen 1.62% and a specific weight of 69Kg/hl.

They should start combining oilseed rape by the end of the week if the weather dries out. He says they are about 7-10 days behind.

“I am not worried so much about the crops, but more worried that we will not have enough time to prepare the soil for drilling oilseed rape.”

There is also spring barley and 200ha (500 acres) of wheat to be combined, which will not be ready for at least two weeks.

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