Pork mark gains 3m boost

By FWi staff

THE newly-launched quality and welfare mark for pork, already recognised by 80% of customers, is to get a further £3 million promotional boost between now and August.

The British Meat Quality Standard for pork, bacon, gammon and ham, was launched by the Meat and Livestock Commission earlier this year with a promotion budget of £2.5 million.

The mark assures customers the pork, gammon, bacon or ham they are buying is of a high quality and has come from pigs which have been reared in the best welfare conditions in Europe, claims the MLC.

The £3 million boost is expected to spent on the following:

  • TV advertising of £500,000

  • Trade promotions for pork of £700,000

  • Trade promotions for bacon, gammon and ham totalling £800,000

  • Sausage promotions of at least £100,000

  • Developments and promotions in the catering sector of £500,000 and

  • New product marketing of £100,000

    MLC Pork and Bacon promotion Council chairman Jim Macaulay says the mark has got off to a flying start and this new programme will ensure the momentum is maintained at a high level.

    “The British Meat Quality Standard Mark is well recognised already and represents a very solid foundation on which to build,” said Mr Macaulay.

    “The money we have committed will ensure it maintains a high profile from now until the summer,” he added.

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