Potato trade steady, prices similar

Wednesday, 14 January, 1998

By FWi staff

DEMAND for potatoes appears to have eased off after a brisk trading period at the beginning of last week.

Most buyers managed to replenish their stocks soon after the New Year. Demand is now steady, according to the British Potato Council (BPC).

Better samples continue to dominate the top end of the market, although prices remain largely the same as before Christmas, reports BPC market information manager, Rob Burrow.

The BPC-monitored ex-farm average price now stands at £78.61, an increase of £3.38 since the end of December.

Average quality potatoes are making £45-80/ tonne but the poorest stocks remain stuck in the doldrums at £25-40/ tonne.

The bulk trade remains steady with some supplies being sourced ex-store. Best packing material is selling for £70-110/ tonne, depending on quality.

The bag trade is quiet, with red varieties making £55-90/ tonne. Wholesale markets are also slow with red varieties commanding around £3.00 for a 25kg bag.

At the close of trade yesterday (Tuesday, 13 January), futures contracts were trading at £86/ tonne (March); £106 (April); £116 (May); and £116 (June).

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