Pre-emptive farm cull in Powys area

30 March 2001

Pre-emptive farm cull in Powys area

A PRE-EMPTIVE cull of all susceptible stock has been ordered on farms contiguous with most of the 25 Powys units with confirmed cases.

Carwyn Jones, the National Assemblys minister of rural affairs, says some farms could escape where the disease occurred some time ago and the risk is now considered very low.

Each of the farms that appear to be contiguous on parish maps will be visited to see if physical barriers, such as roads or rivers, diminish the risk. Mr Jones added that negotiations were under way to use a single disposal site.

He did not give any more details, but rumours circulating at the assembly suggest that around 80 farms could be included, and 40,000 head of stock could be slaughtered and buried on military training land at Sennybridge.

To minimise stress, farmers whose units are thought to be at risk will be notified and visited within 24 hours and the cull will begin immediately.

Mr Jones also said that only sheep that were in contact with the cull ewe section of Welshpool market on February 19 were now thought to be at risk. Other contact sheep currently held on Form D notices will be released from restrictions next Wednesday if they show no symptoms.

The minister apologised for the chaotic start to the mass cull on Anglesey, and promised it would not be repeated.

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