Precision software promises

29 September 2000

Precision software promises

PRECISION monitoring of dairy businesses and accurate feeding are promised from one agricultural software company.

Making financial and rationing programs, so far reserved for consultants, available to dairy producers should enable them to run their dairy businesses more precisely, according to Agrisoft.

The financial package allows calculation of comparable farm profits, explained William Burton of the Farm Consultancy Group, which originally developed the software.

"Costs can be allocated to different farm enterprises by entering what percentage of time items, such as machinery and labour, are used for each enterprise. The package also contains budget monitoring software, allowing discrepancies to be spotted early."


Savings on feed cost of up to 10% are possible with the feeding software, FeedTrol, according to the companys Jonathan Rand.

"The system consists of formulation software and hardware which fit onto the tractor and mixer wagon giving instructions on how much of each ingredient to add to the mix."

Farmers can either formulate rations themselves or load formulations produced by a nutritionist. When loading ingredients for the ration, the hardware makes automatic adjustments to subsequent ration if too much of a particular ingredient is loaded for earlier feeds, he said.

"These adjustments reduce waste and prevent certain ingredients from being over fed. This allows cost savings to be made and cuts down on feeding errors." The feeding software and hardware costs £2000.

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