Pressure group to call for TB eradication

08 June 1999

Pressure group to call for TB eradication

A NEW pressure group has been founded dedicated to the total eradication of tuberculosis in both badgers and cattle.

The Society for the Eradication of Tuberculosis Transmission (SETT) has been set up as a countrywide organisation to try and influence the Government on policies, strategies and operations associated with bovine TB.

In a statement made today (Tuesday) Peter Brady, SETT secretary demanded the Government to revert to killing badgers in all areas where herd breakdown occurs.

“This must be implemented now,” said Mr Brady. If not the infected badger population will continue to grow and have a detrimental effect on farmers livelihoods, he said.

“The Governments continuing failure to develop and implement a responsible badger management control strategy will necessitate the badger being re-classed as vermin.”

SETT aims to recover 100% compensation for farmers whos herds have suffered or are currently suffering financially from bovine TB. The claim includes payment for calves of slaughtered reactive cattle.

The group blames the Governments end to badger culling following its election victory in May 1997 for a bovine TB problem which it said is completely out of control.

“The situation can no longer be tolerated by the farming and rural communities,” said Mr Brady. “Enough is enough.”

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