Preston market closure likely

By Stan Clare

PRESTON livestock market looks set to close following a decision by local councillors to remove covenants that prevented the site from being used for non-agricultural purposes.

This opens the way for the owners, Kendal & District Auction Mart (KDAM), to sell the Lancashire market, worth up to 2 million, for redevelopment.

At its height, Preston traded up to 700 beef cattle, 300 dairy cows and high numbers of sheep a week. But throughput declined by about two-thirds in recent years.

However, KDAM, which also owns its Kendal site in Cumbria, has confirmed that it is committed to retaining an auction outlet in the Preston catchment area.

Directors have arranged to use Brock Arms Auction at nearby Garstang as an over-30-month scheme collection centre.

KDAM is also formulating plans to relocate to the M6 corridor to ensure better access for modern transporters.


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