Prices continue to rise in straights market

31 August 2000

The straights market this week is a similar story to last week, with soyabean meal (hi pro) and Brazilian 48% pellets/meal prices continuing to rise.

Soyabean meal has risen 10/t to 170/t. “There are still problems with the hot dry weather which has triggered worries about the crop, especially in the Mississippi Delta,” says David Clarke of KW Alternative Feeds.

“September prices arent going to get much better – they may start to settle in November, but not as much as expected.”

Price fluctuations of Brazilian 48% pellets/meal follow any changes in soyabean meal and has risen 9/t to 162/t.

Maize gluten (home produced meal) has been withdrawn this week through lack of availability. “There simply isnt any to sell,” says Mr. Clarke, “but there will be more available in early September.”

Rapeseed (home produced meal) prices are still rising as a result of the poor crop this harvest, up 5/t to 109/t.

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