Prices static as traders await harvest

By FWi staff

DELIVERED prices saw little change last week. Many traders await harvest.

  • Barley is seen a week or so away, with reasonable volumes of wheat around 4 to 5 weeks.

  • New crop milling wheat is only seeing small volumes trading. Depending on region, premiums for group 1 wheat are between £12 and £15 over feed.

  • The harvest barley market is pricing itself off the export market, with delivered prices slightly below export prices.

    Export markets remain very quiet, with most traders awaiting harvest.

  • Spanish crop numbers released this week suggest extra wheat and barley imports may be needed over the next few months.

    Traders, however, note that extra business from the UK could be hampered by our high export prices relative to other EU countries.

    Traders also note that, until the quality of the UK harvest is known, it is difficult to access how price competitive UK supplies will need to be next season.

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