Prince leads beef export drive

1 November 1999

Prince leads beef export drive

THE Prince of Wales is to take a leading role in promoting British beef on the Continent, according to The Times.

He will act as a beef “emissary in a mission designed to win over sceptics and consumers throughout Europe.

The newspaper notes that he has already entertained foreign meat importers and buyers at Highgrove this year and has also made morale-boosting trips to farmers.

He will now play a part of a campaign, which is to be led by the Prime Minister.

He is expected to endorse a multi-million pound campaign to influence key opinion-formers and to win over consumers.

The Princes intervention came as Britain faced more problems on beef exports.

Several newspapers report having dealt with French objections leading politicians in Germany have now come out and publicly opposed the lifting of the export ban.

French ministers will decide tomorrow (Tuesday) whether to lift their ban. It is bank holiday today and the government does not realistically expect any firm conclusions until Thursday.

It is unclear whether Nick Brown, the agriculture secretary, will be obliged to offer a face-saving gesture to the French.

This could include a delay on the lifting of the ban until January when new food labelling rules come into force.

Beef as an issue continues to the subject of readers letters and columnists opinion pieces in several of todays newspapers.

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