Progressive discs…

17 July 1998

Progressive discs…

PROGRESSIVE cultivations – where the rear gangs work to around twice the depth of the front ones – is the principle Simba International employs on its series 12C disc harrows.

The arrangement, with both sets of discs cutting fresh soil, is claimed to reduce draught while improving the discs chopping action and use tractor power more effectively. The differential working depth is also intended to minimise panning.

Front 60cm (2ft) discs are set at 20cm (8in) centres – and are less concave than those on the companys other harrows – a layout designed to fine chop and cut trash; to assist trash flow through the implement, the rear 65cm (2.2ft) disc blades are set at 25cm (10in) centres. An increased blade weight, approximately 95kg/blade on the front and 130kg/blade on the rear – achieved without a significant increase in gross weight – is described as improving both penetration and power utilisation.

The series 12C is available with working widths from 2.9m – 5.4m (10-18ft) with wider models folding to less than 3m for transport; recommended tractor powers are from 80-180hp. Models also feature a rear draw bar for simultaneous operations such as press rolling, which adds another 40-100hp, depending on implement width.

Standard features across the range include hydraulic gang angling, 400/60 x 15 tyres on six-stub hubs, reinforced top frame side members and positive depth control.

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