Prototype features in-line table

26 September 1997

Prototype features in-line table

POTATO Harvest 97 gave the opportunity to preview prototype equipment. It was a move carried out by Standen Engineering who demonstrated its latest version of the Status two-row harvester.

Based on the existing Status 1750 model, the prototype manned machine differs by using an in-line picking table. It is a design said to offer an increase in picking area and improved working conditions.

Using a 1700mm (67in) wide digging web, the Status has trailed diablos with automatic share levelling to suit work on sloping ground. Drive to the discharge elevator can be reversed enabling the Status to leave the harvested crop in windrows.

At the rear of the machine, a roller table is fitted and it can be equipped with rubber, polyurethane, steel or rubber pintle roller types.

Price of the Status in-line machine is expected to be about £59,000.

Using an in-line picking table on the latest version of the Standen Status has enabled the company to increase the size of the picking table.

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