Public backs Prince over GMs

02 June 1999

Public backs Prince over GMs

By FWi staff

CONSUMERS with access to the internet have given their overwhelmingly backed Prince Charles in his stance against genetically modified (GM) crops.

Hundreds of internet users have registered their support for the prince following his comments which were reported in an article in yesterdays Daily Mail.

The Prince, who is a longstanding critic of GM food, criticised existing scientific research on GM crops, saying he wanted stricter tests before they were grown.

And he attacked claims by biotechnology companies that GM crops could help solve world hunger as “emotional blackmail”.

By lunchtime today, the BBC News Online website had received more than 400 e-mails about GM crops – of which more than 75% backed the Prince.

A poll conducted by The Daily Telegraph found that 80% of respondents agreed with the Princes views.

The Prince himself said he was prompted to re-open the debate on GM crops after his own website received 10,000 “hits” on the subject since it opened last November.

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