Put our posters on show

30 August 2002

Put our posters on show

WANT to show your support for the Liberty and Livelihood March in London on Sun, Sept 22? Then, turn to the back of this issue to find the first of three free posters farmers weekly is publishing over the next three weeks.

The first poster: Back our Farmers, Mr Blair, will be followed on Sept 6 by Save Our Rural Jobs, Mr Blair. And on Sept 13 Hands off Hunting, Mr Blair.

We want our posters to help you drive home key messages to the public and politicians about why rural Britain has been forced to take to the capitals streets in protest.

Each poster can be displayed in a shop or vehicle window or farm gate before the March in order to ensure maximum impact. Then, why not carry the posters on a placard on the March. Lets leave London and the entire nation in no doubt why country people have turned out in such massive numbers to defend their livelihoods and their liberties.

You can download copies of the posters from our web-site (www.fwi.co.uk/march).

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