Red tape rage board

THE Red Tape Rage Board voting has now closed. Thanks to everyone that submitted their opinion.

The overall winner by a fair margin was Verifier Vitriol.

See the final Rage Board .

The Voluntary Initiative spray operator register,
now included as an ACCS requirement

Crop Protection Management Plans – another VI
venture and compulsory for Scottish Assured growers

How do you feel about nit-picking assurance
scheme verifiers and protocols?

Essential for the arable area payments cheque,
but how do the endless forms make you feel?

COSHH and other Health and Safety regulations,
and the reams of paperwork they involve

The complicated system from Customs and Excise
– how easy do you find it?

Nitrate Vulnerable Zones – how has DEFRA‘s
interpretation of EU water rules made you feel?

Keeps sprays out of water courses,
but what about the extra load of paperwork?

The DEFRA annual census and
endless surveys from commercial companies

How do you get on with Inland Revenue‘s rules
on tax, NIC, statutory sick pay, benefits, etc, etc?


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