Red Tractor offers farmers free marketing materials

Red Tractor Assurance wants farmers to take a more active role in promoting British food to raise awareness and public support for produce carrying the logo.

The scheme has produced a range of free marketing materials for farmers, which it hope they will use at events and shows.

Philippa Wiltshire, Red Tractor Assurance’s communications manager, said: “Throughout 2016 we are looking to arm our supporters with all the tools they need to help tell the public about what the logo stands for, which is good standards of animal welfare, care for the environment, food safety and traceability.”

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Red Tractor has produced what it calls a “marketing toolkit” which includes key rings, car stickers, postcards, pens and branded shopping lists.

It has also teamed up with Massey Ferguson to offer a full-size tractor, with Red Tractor branding, for hire for at events to grab the public’s attention.

Farmers can order from the range of marketing materials direct from the Red Tractor marketing toolkit website.

Latest figures suggest 65% of consumers are aware of the Red Tractor logo, although some farmers argue that while recognition of the logo is good there is a lack of understanding about what it stands for.

“Red Tractor Assurance works very hard to promote the logo and what it stands for to increase awareness and support from shoppers when they see it on food packaging and menus across the UK,” said a webpage publicising the new materials.

“Many scheme members tell us that they are keen to play a role in promoting the logo to the public.

“The logo is there because of all your hard work and that’s something we know you are proud of.

“We are now giving you, our farmers, the opportunity to promote the logo you have helped make a success story.

“This activity will help push awareness and support for the logo like never before.”

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