Renault puts computer diagnosis in the cab

6 August 1999

MF new generations here

By Andy Collings

ENTER the MF7200 Series combine harvester range – 10 years after the launch of the firms 30 and 40 Series, a new generation is set to make its mark.

Heading up the new Valmet powered, seven-model range are three six straw walker models: The 265hp 7272, the 300hp 7274 and the 325hp 7276.

High capacity machines, the new models have grain tanks to match – 9500 litres for the larger two and 8000 litres for the 7272. To maximise the output of the 7276, this model has a Powerflow header as standard.

The remaining four models comprise the five straw walker 165hp 7250, 180hp 7252, 200hp 7254 and the 230hp 7256 models, which effectively replace MF30, 32, 34 and 36 combines.

Massey Ferguson has chosen to stay with the conventional drum, sieves and straw walker build for its new range, yet insists that several design tweaks have raised output significantly.

A new lead-in plate and an additional rub bar in the concave department provides more aggressive threshing at the front of the combine and results in more consistent threshing and even crop flow, says MF.

Improvements to the grain cleaning and handling areas – longer grain pans and higher dividers – are also designed to improve output. A new aggressive action of the grain pan and shaker shoe is claimed to improve separation of grain and chaff.

In terms of power detail the new models are fitted with six-cylinder 7.4-litre and 8.4-litre Valmet engines which meet emission require-ments. Rated power is achieved at just 2000 rpm with high torque characteristics ensuring constant speed in loaded conditions.

Four-speed hydrostatic transmissions are fitted to the 7274 and 7276 models and three-speed versions to the others in the range. To cope with the extra weight imposed by higher capacity grain tanks, the larger two models have a stronger rear axle.

Last, for the operator, the 7200 Series is equipped with cabs providing good header visibility. Furniture includes the Datavision 11 monitor, from which the main settings of the combine can be made, a new adjustable steering column, and a foot operated unloading auger control.

Overall, with the new red and grey livery, MF has produced a combine range which is visually stylish. Few would suggest that there are any particularly innovative departures from conventional design – MF has just improved it – but then, that may be a reassuring factor for potential buyers. &#42

Front-end cultivation

A FRONT mounted combination from the Flexi-coil camp is designed to produce an evenly worked, consolidated seed-bed and work in tandem with rear mounted drill combinations.

Comprising two rows of rigid tines followed by a 53cm (21in) coil packer, working widths of 3m and 4m are available with the wider version supplied as in a rigid build or hydraulically folding for a 2.4m transport width.

Specification includes coil star cleaners, self-steering and quick-release safety "A" frame. Price of the 3m models is listed at £4595 and the 4m at £5110. &#42

Renault puts computer diagnosis in the cab

COMPUTERS have well and truly found there way on board Renault tractors after the introduction of the firms Meta systems.

Comprising three computerised systems – Metadiag, Metadoc and Metadyn – it sets out to improve maintenance quality, avoid or reduce the risk of breakdowns and to provide the customer with clear information.

Metadiag uses a laptop computer connected to strategic points on the tractor to run a diagnostic program to identify faults, adjustment requirements and faulty components.

Metadoc is a program which allows access to 75 catalogues for comprehensive replacement parts data.

Metadyn, which is the really new unit and being assessed for the UK market, is an engine performance monitoring system which uses factory data as a reference to help technicians tune a tractors engine. It also allows potential problems to be identified before they occur and helps to ensure compliance in terms of engine emission requirements. &#42


7250 7252 7254 7256 7272 7274 7276


Power hp

DIN 165 180 200 230 265 300 325

Gross 200 215 223 253 288 331 357


Dia (mm) 450 450 600 600 600 600 600

Width (mm) 1,400 1,400 1,400 1,400 1,680 1,680 1,680

Straw walkers 5 5 5 5 6 6 6

Grain tank

Capacity (litres) 5,200 6,200 6,600 8,000 8,000 9,500 9,500

Autolevel No yes yes yes yes yes yes

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