Research ideas are suggested

28 September 2001

Research ideas are suggested

HOW much bio-security is needed, reducing bureaucracy and improving returns from milk markets are among the research topics suggested by producers at the Dairy Event.

MDC chief executive Kevin Bellamy was delighted with the high level of interest for future research ideas. "The first thing we asked producers visiting the stand was to vote on their main business problems."

The results of the vote show too much bureaucracy and not getting enough return from the market place, despite recent increases in producer milk price, to be the main concerns.

The top technical issue identified was poor dairy cow fertility, which isnt surprising considering it has been declining over recent years, he added.

Identifying these issues will allow research projects on them to begin. The MDC also plans to investigate whether the cause of excess bureaucracy is specific to animal movements or milk buyer requirements.

"Interestingly, bio-security was low down on the list of main business problems." However, producers were still asking for research into what level of bio-security is sensible on both a local and national basis and the cost benefit of more permanent measures, added Mr Bellamy.

Another hot topic was organic milk production and the likely effect of oversupply on future premiums and margins. There were also calls for more human health and nutrition projects, such as developing value added designer milks. &#42

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