Rhyncho cure vital in barley tank mix

21 April 2000

Rhyncho cure vital in barley tank mix

BE sure to include an eradicant fungicide when tackling rhynchosporium in barley, advises Aberdeenshire-based John Hughes of CSC Crop Protection.

"With the GS31/32 spray timing in winter barley you cannot rely on a protectant alone. Unix gave some good results last year, particularly in combination with active kick-back triazoles like epoxiconazole, fluquinconazole, metconazole or even prochloraz.

"But some people mixing Amistar with Unix were caught out. If rhyncho is already there you must knock it out, so there has to be a curative element to the mix," he stresses. "A Twist/Unix mix is difficult to beat for net blotch and eyespot control," he adds. &#42

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