Roller developed for row-crop applications

9 November 2001

Roller developed for row-crop applications

A VERSION of Simbas Aqueel self-cleaning packer roller has been developed for row-crop applications, such as transplanted seedlings, or crops grown in bed systems.

Marketed by Boston-based Tony Deptford, the horticultural version of the Aqueel comprises individual rings which can be positioned on an axle to provide required row spacings.

The Aqueel roller itself is constructed from composite material and is designed to consolidate the soil and leave a series of divots which retain water. This water retention ability is – either from rain or irrigation, claimed to provide a longer time for the water to percolate into the soil, eliminate surface splash and prevent soil capping.

Tony Deptford says he can build specific widths to meet customers requirements. Prices have yet to be announced. &#42

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