Row over Kintyre milk plan

2 November 1999

Row over Kintyre milk plan

MILK producers in Kintyre who argue for freedom to trade milk quota on the open market are not speaking for the majority, it was claimed yesterday (Monday).

Robert Millar, chairman of the Kintyre branch of the National Farmers Union of Scotland (NFUS), said it was vital that milk quota in that area remained ring-fenced.

This would help to protect the future of 65 creamery jobs in Campbeltown, Bute, Islay and Arran.

He said if the creameries were to lose thoughput and become unsustainable it would be an economic disaster for the area.

The NFUS had organised at least three local polls to determine strength of feeling on the issue.

The most recent poll, in September, had shown that 47 producers out of 71 polled were in favour of the ring-fence.

Fears about the risks of milk quota draining away southwards from the local dairy sector have been expressed across Scotland.

  • The Herald 02/11/99 page 24

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