2 June 2000



THE 2000 Royal Show presents Britains hard-pressed farmers with an outstanding opportunity to seek out all manner of important business information – all within the unique atmosphere of a day at the worlds premier agricultural show.

Show organiser, the Royal Agricultural Society of England, has highlighted "100 profitable reasons why farmers should visit" the Royal Show as part of their business planning.

The 100 reasons highlight the wealth and breadth of technical and business information available to farmers attending the Show, says David Storrar, the RASEs director of exhibitions:

"We completed detailed research over the winter which showed that farmer-visitors want the RASE to retain practical agriculture at the heart of the Royal Show. We then challenged every sector of the show to produce compelling reasons why farmers should regard it as a must-visit event.

"The list emphasises the unique nature of the Royal Show, and the unique offer it makes to farmers; while single-subject technical events provide a highly valuable source of information on that enterprise, the Royal combines technical information on all the main agricultural enterprises.

A farmer considering making changes to an arable enterprise could visit exhibits like "Crop Establishment – the real costs" or "Cost of Expansion – growing your options", to discuss the key issues of such changes with professional consultants and advisers.

Then they can move on to consider the practicalities and finances of such a move with machinery companies and banks or find out the facts first hand in the "Is Bigger Better?" machinery feature.

Thereafter there is the chance to consider the impact of any changes being made on other enterprises with a visit to various parts of the Show – be it the Arable and Forage Area; Beef Advice Centre; Dairy Focus; Sheep Technology Centre, or the Farm Woodland and Forestry Area.

With farm support payments being progressively decoupled from production and moved to schemes, the Farming and the Countryside Area presents a range of valuable information, including a look at green grants and stewardship schemes.

Those considering diversification can find plenty of ideas in the New Farm Business Initiatives – which presents a host of ideas on diversification.

The Royal Show is being held from 3rd-6th July at the National Agricultural Centre, Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire.

FW readers can save up to 33% on gate prices by purchasing tickets in advance through the credit card hotline on 0115 912 9112 quoting FW.

The offer runs until June 25 and lines are open seven days a week, 24 hours a day until 25th June.

Advance ticket prices are adults £8, senior citizen (60+) £4, child (5-15) £4

Tickets are subject to a £1 per transaction booking fee and are valid for any day of the Show. Refunds cannot be made on lost or unused tickets.

Visit the Royal Show web-site

This years Royal Show takes place from July 3-6.

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