Rural Forum to set up regeneration firm

23 March 1998

Rural Forum to set up regeneration firm

RURAL Forum is to set up a company to adopt the lessons of urban regeneration. It will form a partnership to see how rural communities can benefit from the revitalising regimes which have transformed London docklands, Glasgow and Baltimore in the USA. It will harness public and private finance.

Rural Forum brings together several Scottish-based non-government bodies in an alliance which tackles a range of challenges facing Scotlands rural communities.

Dermot Grimson, its director, profiled in The Scotsman, believes that change in agricultural support should be effected to benefit the wider community. But he believes that to focus on farming alone would only benefit farmers in the short and medium term. He says there is a need to broaden the scope of rural development to encompass other industrial sectors that will “play an increasing role in the future vitality of rural areas”.

  • The Scotsman 23/03/98 page 18

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