Rural life not so good, say Lib-Dems

17 April 2000

Rural life not so good, say Lib-Dems

RURAL life is not as good as the Prime Minister would have people believe, claims a new report.

The survey carried out by the Liberal Democrats refutes a government survey which said country dwellers were in many ways better-off than urban counterparts.

The Lib-Dems say 75% of rural parishes have no daily bus service, although residents have to travel up to 60% further for basic amenities.

Some 83% of rural parishes had no permanent GP. Between 1989 and 1999 long-term unemployment increased by 0.6%, while in urban areas this had declined, reports The Daily Telegraph.

The survey found that only 52% or rural people live within one-and-a-half miles of a post office, compared to 92% in urban areas.

  • The Daily Telegraph, 17/04/00, page 8

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