Rural Payments Agency authorises more partial single farm payments

The Rural Payments Agency has announced that it is in the process of making an 80% partial payment to another 2587 farmers, which should mean that most commercial producers have received either a full or part payment in the next few days.

The agency has published the following statement on its website: “This is to advise that we are today (Monday, 26 June) making a third run of 80% partial payments.  These partial payments are being made to 2587 customers in the top priority category and totals some £22.4 million.
“A payment statement giving further information on how individual payments were calculated will be sent with the balance payment in due course.
“RPA is devoting full resources to making the residual payments as soon as possible to recipients of partial payments, and to paying remaining customers who have yet to receive a payment.”

Top priority farmers are those who submitted a claim for more than €1000 and have so far received no payment at all.

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